Town Manager

The Town Manager serves at the pleasure of Town Council as the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer.  The Town Manager is responsible for administering policies established by Town Council and overseeing the Town’s day-to-day activities to provide effective delivery of all municipal services and programs.  The Town Manager presents recommendations to Town Council for policy adoption through ordinance and/or resolution; maintaining a well-trained and motivated workforce; developing and implementing a fiscally responsive annual budget; and delivering a sound public relations program that emphasizes a transparent government operation.

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk’s Office maintains, records and preserves all official documents and proceedings of the Town Council and serves as the Records Management Liaison Officer to the state of Florida archives; maintaining, storing, and disposing of the Town’s public records in accordance with Florida Statutes. 

The Town Clerk administers oaths; is the custodian of the Town seal and authenticates by signature and records all official legislative actions of Town Council, and countersigns all contracts made on behalf of the Town.  The Town Clerk provides public notices, prepares and distributes Town Council agendas and minutes, provides access to public records, and coordinates the codification and publication of the Town’s Code of Ordinances.

The Town Clerk’s Office qualifies candidates and manages municipal elections.  The Town Clerk’s Office provides support services to the Mayor, Town Council, Town Manager, and staff.  The Town Clerk’s Office is dedicated to continuing the preservation of the Town’s history.

The Town Clerk is the custodian of public records, provides research of the official records for citizens and other departments upon request, in compliance with Florida Public Records Law, and allows for the inspection and examination by any person, at any reasonable time, under reasonable conditions and under the supervision of the Town Clerk’s Office (F.S. Chapter 119).

Town Attorney

The Town Attorney (independent contractor), provides legal counsel to the Mayor, Town Council and staff of the Town and attends Town Council meetings and workshops.  The Town Attorney represents the Town in litigation, collects delinquent taxes, forecloses liens upon real property, prosecutes code enforcement violations, and is the legal advisor to the police department.  The Town Attorney prepares/reviews all resolutions, ordinances, contracts, and legal agreements. 

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Rob Duncan (727) 498-8948