Emergency Management

The Police Department contributes to the preparation and implementation of the Town’s overall Emergency Disaster Response Plan. One of the ways we contribute is by conducting a yearly inventory of the Town’s needs based on past years’ responses and successes and assuring that necessary supplies are on hand. Tracking expiration dates with inventory is critical.

Police Department personnel are also an integral part of the Town’s Disaster Team, which examines the Town’s overall state of preparedness and operational readiness each year.

Police personnel receive internal training in the roles they will fill during planned and unplanned events. These roles are much different from the duties they perform, or the calls they respond to, each day. Civilian staff, police officers, Supervisors, and Command staff are all required to have different levels of training through FEMA in the area of Incident Command Center (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This training is both online and in-classroom for real life discussion. Tabletop scenarios are also used, which aid in the development of knowledge and vision. As an employee’s role changes in the Agency, so does the amount of training they are required to have.