Fire Department

About Us

Kenneth City provides its residents with emergency medical services and fire prevention/suppression services through a contract with the Pinellas Park Fire Department under the direction of Fire Chief, Brett Schlatterer, (727) 369-5800.

Pinellas Park Fire Department offers smoke detectors free of charge. Ask for installation aide, if needed. Contact: (727) 369-5308.

On behalf of the EMS Authority as the Executive Director, one (1) contractor-funded ALS First Responder Unit. Engine 16 was authorized as a contractor-funded unit in accordance with Section 712(b) of the ALS First Responder Agreement between the City of Pinellas Park and the EMS Authority commencing on October 1, 2010. The new unit went into service in late May 2011.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brett Schlatterer Fire Chief (727) 369-5800