Pre-Development Conferences

The Pre-Development Conference is a service to guide you through the land development, building permit, and grading permit process in Kenneth City. Pre-Development Conferences have been developed to ensure that specific issues may be resolved through effective communication. These conferences are held at the design phase and can eliminate significant re-design of sites and/or buildings.

Pre-Development Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday afternoons in 45 minute time increments. A preliminary plan and basic project information should be available prior to scheduling the conference. All Development Services departments are represented at the Pre-Development Conferences, including: Zoning Examiners, Codes, Plan Review, Urban Forester, Fire Marshal Plan Review, Public Works (Traffic Engineer, Ramps & Curbs, Solid Waste), Water Services (Water Services Availability and Stormwater / Grading / Drainage), Planning Department, Police for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assistance, and usually Town Management staff. The Pre-Development Conferences are open to your entire design and construction team.

At this meeting the applicant is asked to make brief presentation of their project and then the staff reviewers comment and discuss site and project requirements to be addressed for the project within the scope of their individual responsibilities. Whether your project is new construction or a rehab of an existing building, a cursory review of the site and construction project is discussed and feedback is given by all the represented departments to all stakeholders present.

During the Pre-Development Conference, we encourage the design team to take notes in order to capture the salient issues and comments shared at the meeting, and then forward a copy to the Development Services group for distribution following the conference.

Pre-Development Conferences are held in the City of Pinellas Park Technical Services Building, 6051 78th Avenue North, Pinellas Park, Florida 33781. To schedule a Pre-Development Conference to discuss your project, contact Joel Graves at (727) 369-5633, and copy Matthew Campbell, Town Manager.