Goals & Objectives

Kenneth City Police Department
Goals & Objectives
Fiscal Year 2019-2020


The Kenneth City Police Department has accomplished a number of goals over the past three years in its role as a full-service law enforcement agency for our community, achieving a level of growth which has been immeasurable on many levels.

During this three year period we have added a full-time Community Policing/ Code Enforcement Officer, established new Crime Watch Groups and hosted neighborhood meetings, completed the renovation of our building, created close working relationships with other law enforcement entities in our county and local area, and received a state-wide award for our efforts in pedestrian and bicycle safety. We have digitized our Written Directives through the use of policy and procedure management software (Power DMS), identified and adopted our new core values and a mission statement, developed an engaging social media following, and evaluated and expanded training for our staff, focusing on the areas of crime prevention and leadership. In short, we have established our “brand” for the Department and embraced our legacy.

We have done all this and more while remaining committed to our mission of providing effective and efficient police services which support our "Safe, Friendly, Small Town" and while solidifying relationships within the community.

Upon reflecting on these successes, we have selected three new goals to implement as the Town’s Fiscal Year 2019-2020 begins, which will provide the Department with specific direction, building on the foundation already established (as outlined below).

Goal 1

Achieve an accredited status through the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA)


1. The Agency will complete an internal operational and organizational review examining the Department’s current status.

  1.  Staff will examine the organizational structure as compared to our operational practice.
  2. The Department will appoint a team of personnel who will be responsible for the review of all General Orders and associated documents. 
  3. We will assure that our budgetary request aligns with the operational needs of the Agency to support our current and future mission.
  4. The Agency will train all personnel on how accreditation will complement our operation.
  5. Staff will identify a long-term staffing solution to support ongoing changes and additions to assure we remain in compliance with the standards set forth by the Commission in order to retain its accreditation.

Goal 2

Expand our officers’ knowledge and improve our level of communication with those in our community who have a mental health disability


1. Provide officers and staff with training.

  1. Host in-house training during annual in-service for all staff.
  2. Send staff to local agency training provided by mental health staff.

2.  Assure our policies support our practices on how best to interact with those who have mental health issues, such as autism. 

  1. Review Written Directives to ensure policy reflects best practices in addressing police response to persons affected by autism and/or mental health illness. 

3.   Bias-Based Policing Training.

  1. Provide ongoing officers with training in the areas of bias-based policing, cultural awareness and consciousness.

Goal 3

Grow our community engagement in the area of Crime Prevention through communication and involvement


1. Continue to expand our social media Usage.

  1. Expand our social media platform to encourage community engagement (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). Post events, knowledge, facts and cases which the public can be part of solving in order to enhance our public safety message. 
  2. Commit to having our full-time Community Policing Officer strengthen the relationships within neighborhoods on a more consistent, personalized level. 
  3. Educate citizens in crime prevention philosophies that include proactive Code Enforcement to deter crime. 
  4. Specifically increase citizen participation in Crime Prevention programs such as Neighborhood Watch programs.